White StudioWhite Studio

WHITE STUDIO is a creative studio that consist of two spaces. One as a home goods store that sells home décor and craft products to respond the necessity of middle-class in creating satisfaction and fun in decorating home using aesthetic elements. Another one as office and meeting space to gather and collaborate, as well as sells creative service of Favours & Else (conceptual decoration, favours, etc.) and Happy Hands (handcrafted art, etc.)

Talky PillowTalky Pillow

TALKY PILLOW is an aesthetic-contemporary cushion label which started with customized orders until today they produce premium quality of cushion covers of printed typography and illustration. The available products are designed to be simply motivating and of glee. All fabrics are hand cut and the printing is done using manual screen printing, tailoring methods. Proudly made in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Surabaya YouthSurabaya Youth

SURABAYA YOUTH is an independent movement who focuses on youth empowerment and participation towards Indonesia’s sustainable development. The aim is to invite as many as young people to ‘Be a Better Youth’ by four key mission: representing, connecting, networking, and collaborating. One of the idea is to be a platform for them to gather and expand their networks related to variety issues in Surabaya. Together we aspire to build, create and do their ideas to achieve Surabaya to be a better city to live in.