Aini is a Surabaya-based entrepreneur with an eye for travel and photography who has traveled to some parts of the world, both for business and leisure, throughout her life.

A Choleric-Melancholy, true thinker and perfectionist who was born in Nancy, France. She’s graduated from Interior Design, ITS. Her passion about craft and design are incorporated into Talky Pillow, her contemporary-aesthetic cushion label. Since its establishment in 2012, it has gained much appreciation both locally and internationally. She expand more businesses ever since. (read more about others on Her Project)

This site as visual journal as well as a portfolio, where she mostly shares about her travel journey, photograph, and pieces of story that she experienced; some others about her personal thoughts, projects and other things she loves to do.

Travel for her is a way of life, which become a purpose: to capture and fall in love with the journey, decide which memories are worth to capture and remember and which are not. She learned an important lesson the hard way, travel is a significant investment that deserves attention as an entrepreneur. Her main inspiration comes from real experiences in her life–the people around, lines in books she read, early morning sunrays, the air of new places, the invisible wind patterns, and human emotions.

She takes pride in her aesthetic attention to detail both in craft and photography to ensure her appeal reflects her minimal and clean contemporary style. There is a side of her obsession about simplicity and the beauty of the unseen. She loves to share perspective through her eyes.

When not traveling and/or building her businesses, she spend her time sharing and mentoring in Surabaya Youth, a youth movement that she founded to empower and invite youth to contribute from and for their circle. She’s a kind of person who seeks beauty in every aspects of life. Having been inspired, helped, and mentored by many respectful individuals in her life. She hopes to be someone who can return the favors by sharing creative inspiration and writings for more people through this blog and her other projects. May everyone enjoy reading this as much as she enjoyed putting it together.