The Graduation


Coming to the end of University-life, I feel a bit nostalgic. After all, the majority of soon-to-be-graduate will have been in full-time education for around 18 consecutive years, an era which is probably come to a complete end.

Those years was exciting, challenging and exhausting, stressful, and brutal, but truly in it’s entirely it was beautiful. There is such beauty in even the harshest of negatives, and I wouldn’t have exchanged any of the darkest times for any of the lighter, because each have been the essential foundation of character from which I have grown.


Speaking of the darkest time, I believe everyone has a way to motivate themselves, and I actually have a bit odd (or unique) way to motivate myself to finish and get the bachelor degree.

The idea is to always think about a celebration of my graduation with my inner circle. I imagine it will happen in a fine afternoon in the middle of nature with conceptual decoration for lunch and capture the happy moment.

You have to know that everytime the final project stressed me out, I always take a break for collecting references about how my graduation lunch supposed to be. I always wanted it to be simply beautiful. With all helpful hands from my good friends, it happened as I expected. We are all do it with all our heart, made by us for ourselves.

Grateful. The feeling that fill up my heart and soul when it finally happened. From that day, I firmly believe there is a lesson to be learned from every situation and every person you meet, as I thankful to have these people around in my life. There is purpose in even the smallest of occurrences, should you acknowledge them.


Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happened, to the tears of joy, I love you guys to the bits and bones. And after all those hassle, this is just another phase to pass in life. Cheers & looking forward to the better future!